Wrongful Death Lawyer San Diego

One of the absolute worst things that can happen to anyone is the loss of a loved one. When that loss is the result of another’s actions and the loss could have been avoided, people find themselves looking for answers. We recognize that grieving the loss of a loved one is a difficult and long process. We are sensitive to this reality. If needed, we can refer you to individuals who will help counsel you in the grieving process.

Pursuing the case while respecting the grieving process. Having handled many wrongful death cases one thing becomes apparent, there is a proper balance between respecting the grieving process and effectively collecting the evidence necessary to establish the elements of the case.
At the very outset of a wrongful death case the first step is to identify who the proper claimants are. The statutes governing who is and who is not entitled to compensation as a result of the loss of a loved one must be properly consulted in order to ensure that all proper claimants are represented. It is often in the best interests of all claimants to retain the same attorney so as to present a “united front” to the insurance company for the responsible party.
It may be that a criminal case arises at the same time as the “wrongful death” case. A criminal case is one that is usually initiated and prosecuted by the District Attorney and results in the responsible individual spending time in jail. A wrongful death case is a civil case and is one which is initiated by the lawyer for the loved ones and is designed to obtain proper compensation for those loved ones. In simplest terms, the murder case is about jail, the wrongful death case is about compensation. Savary APC helps families with wrongful death cases.

Choosing a San Diego Wrongful Death Lawyer

When you are seeking an attorney to help you navigate the intracacies of recovering compensation in a wrongful death case you need to have confidence that the attorney knows where to go and how to get there. Factors such as proper resources and the trial experience to put the case on in front of a jury are key considerations. Finding a lawyer who can understand and respect the devastating loss while simultaneously aggressively pursuing the wrongdoer is also a key factor to consider. Here at Savary APC, having handled numerous wrongful death cases, we know what it takes to get the case in the proper posture for trial or settlement and can do so while still respecting the grieving process.

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