Dog Bite

Being attacked by a dog is a traumatic event. People attacked by dogs often times carry both mental and physical scars from the experience for the balance of their lives. Sadly, despite knowing of the very significant risk posed by dog bites in the United States, it still happens on a surprisingly frequent basis. Available statistics show that in 2016 alone there were 31 fatalities in the United States from dog bites.

Auto Accidents

“Auto Accidents” is a very broad term which includes, but is not limited to the traditional auto v. auto accident, multiple automobile accidents such as a pile up on the freeway, auto v. pedestrian where a car strikes someone walking on the street, commonly at an intersection, Auto v. bicycle accidents where a bike rider is struck by a car, bus or other vehicle, semi-truck/big rig v. auto, motorcycle accidents.


Being physically attacked is a traumatic event. Whether by a stranger or someone you know the injury, pain, violation of personal space and complete disregard for the rules of the society we live in, can be devastating.


Uber/Lyft cases are a rapidly growing sub category of auto accident cases in California. What is an Uber/Lyft case?
There are four primary scenarios which present themselves:
1. You are in a vehicle that is struck by another vehicle driven by an Uber/Lyft driver;