In most cases involving personal injury the fee structure is a standard contingency fee agreement. This means that the lawyer’s fee is a percentage of what is ultimately recovered on behalf of the client. For the client this means they can have a lawyer today without having to put a dime out of their own pocket on the table. It also means that the lawyer and the client are 100% aligned on the goal of maximizing the client’s recovery. Further, Savary, APC will front all the costs the reasonable and necessary costs that are incurred in trying to put the client’s case in the best possible light. These costs routinely run into the thousands. The insurance companies need to know that the attorney you hire is serious about taking your case the distance if you are going to get the best possible resolution of your case whether it is through trial or out of court settlement. Call today to discuss the unique circumstances of your case with a lawyer who is willing to do what it takes to see that you get the best representation possible.